Wealth management explained: Retirement planning and Later Life services

Our ‘Wealth Management Explained’ offers an insight into our corporate and individual services, giving you a detailed look at the services and support we provide. 

If you are looking to start planning your retirement or are seeking advice on where to begin, our retirement planning and later life services can help you develop a personalised plan for your financial future.

How wealth management works 

Wealth management integrates both financial planning and investment strategies, which help individuals and organisations reach their financial goals. It covers a range of advisory services that are designed to protect and grow long-term financial wealth, including comprehensive guidance on financial investment, insurance sales, tax advice and estate planning. 

Everyone has different goals for their retirement, and understanding your personal lifestyle and later life plans is our first step in providing a tailored service for you. Planning your retirement is an ongoing process, and we are here to support you through that journey, before your retirement begins and for long after. 

Retirement planning services: the process of retirement planning with Everlong 

 We offer an initial consultation at the start of the retirement planning process that is free of charge and can be held from the comfort of your own home. During this, our independent financial planners can develop an understanding of your current retirement plans or objectives as well as your finances and personal circumstances. We will create a comprehensive and bespoke financial plan that is personal to you, meaning you can be confident you are getting the most out of your pension. 

Our experts continue to analyse any of your existing pensions and investments to create a summary of your current position. This information can then be used to create a long-term cash flow forecast to show the affordability of your retirement plans and the likelihood of meeting your personal objectives. You can learn more about our cash flow forecasting process here. 

We can discuss possible improvements with you from our predicted forecast to ensure a smooth retirement process. With those changes in place, we can continue to ensure your retirement plan suits your lifestyle and is adaptable to any changes in your life that could impact it.  

How our retirement planning services can benefit you and your future 

  • Tax benefits – Planning your retirement in advance enables you to take advantage of many tax benefits, such as tax reliefs and exemptions that are available for retirement savings and income. 
  • Efficient decisions – With a retirement plan in place, you are able to make calculated decisions regarding the future of your career, savings and investments. Creating a retirement plan ensures that your family and loved ones are taken care of, and any charitable interests you have will be taken care of. 
  • Peace of mind – The thought of retirement can be daunting and stressful, but planning for your future in advance can significantly reduce the stress and the uncertainty of your life after work. No burdens and no looming thoughts about your future mean you can look forward to your retirement and prioritise the things that matter to you. 

How Everlong Wealth can help 

It is never too early or too late to begin thinking about your retirement plan, and Everlong Wealth are here to help you start your journey towards life after work. We offer personalised and client-focused services that are tailored towards you and your needs. We work with you to ensure the retirement plan you receive from us is the right service and direction for you.  

Our chartered financial advisers are here to provide ongoing support and review your established plan to make sure it continues to serve you as your lifestyle and priorities change over time.  

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our expert team and explore how we can give you peace of mind with your retirement plans. 



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