Ongoing Advice and Review Service

Picture your financial plan as a map and financial freedom as your destination. You are the pilot, but it is our job to navigate.

By understanding your needs and objectives, our advisers can plot an achievable route to financial freedom. But as time passes, life changes. Common changes that could happen during your wealth management journey include:

  • The economic environment – fluctuating interest rates and inflation, as well as changing tax policies
  • Your priorities – changes to your wealth or family members needing financial assistance
  • Goals and ambitions – for example, new retirement plans or business opportunities

Any change to your circumstances can have a knock-on effect that could steer your plan off course. Fail to adjust your route and you risk travelling blind in the wrong direction.

The importance of ongoing reviews

Our Financial Planner George Brandist explains the benefits of having ongoing reviews with your advisor and what is included in the process.


The value of our reviews

Regular reviews of your finances produce valuable insights. These insights help us identify opportunities to make your plan more profitable and help you make better financial choices for the future.

The value of our reviews goes beyond financial benefits, giving you peace of mind and more control over your future.

Improved financial position

Specialist research & expert guidance

Financial education

Consumer protection

What is included?

Comprehensive annual reviews – Assessment of your financial plan to make sure the right strategies are in place to meet your goals.

Regular health checks of your finances – Just as you would visit a doctor for a health checkup, our financial advisers will make sure your finances stay in optimum condition.

Life update meetings – An exploration of your current circumstances with one of our expert financial advisers. We will discuss any changes in your life that could impact you financially.

Goal evaluation – A discussion of your current priorities and future ambitions to assess whether we need to re-align your plans to your financial goals.

Admin assistance – Ongoing support with any correspondence and administration related to your finances from one of our specialist team.


Book your complimentary consultation

Like all our wealth management services, our ongoing advice and review service starts with an initial consultation.

This is an opportunity for us to understand your needs and objectives, and for you to learn how Everlong Wealth can help you. Close client-adviser relationships are the driving force behind our success stories so it is important to make sure we are the right fit for you and vice versa.

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