Trust and Charities

The waves of legislative requirements and financial strains that trusts and charities encounter can take their toll. With a repertoire of investment, management and maintenance services, Everlong can help to relieve the burden of trustee responsibilities.

Each charity or trust comes with its own mission and goals. By forming a collaborative working relationship with trustees, we can gain clear insight into your organisational objectives and tailor our services to your charity or trust’s needs.

With our wealth management services for trusts and charities, you will benefit from comprehensive financial planning in addition to effective risk management, helping you to ensure timely returns for your beneficiaries.

Manoeuvring through the increasingly treacherous legislative and regulatory terrain in the charity sector can be a monumental task. Our team of independent financial advisers is here to lead the way.

We can make your trust or charity more efficient through restructuring or creating new entities that are more effective. Our regular performance reviews will ensure you continue to meet the legislative requirements of being a trustee while enhancing your reputation among beneficiaries.

By identifying opportunities to diversify your investments and increase the efficiency of your taxes, Everlong can minimise your liabilities to maximise capital.


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