Wealth management explained: Trusts and charities

In our ‘Wealth Management Explained’ series, we will be exploring each of our corporate and individual services in turn to provide you with more detailed insight into the support and solutions we offer.

If you are a trustee or responsible for a charity, our services can protect your wealth and help you navigate the laws and regulations that govern your work. Our trusts and charities specialists explain more.

How wealth management works

Wealth management combines financial planning with investment strategy to help people and organisations achieve their financial objectives. The term encompasses a range of advisory services that can protect and grow long-term wealth, including asset allocation, risk management and tax efficient structuring.

Effective wealth management looks different for every trust or charity, which is why understanding your mission is always our first step in creating a bespoke service. It is essential that our independent financial advisers gain insight into the purpose underpinning your trust or charity in order to develop a successful plan that can fulfil your short and long term objectives.

Wealth management services for trusts and charities

Wealth management can help solve and overcome a number of common challenges that trusts and charities face. At Everlong Wealth, our trusts and charities services include:

  • Understanding and complying with the legal obligations associated with trusts and charities
  • Protecting your wealth against the impact of rising inflation through strategic investments and tax efficiency
  • Creating reliable and sustainable sources of income to potentially increase funds and returns
  • Ensuring timely returns for your beneficiaries
  • Managing and mitigating any risks to the financial stability of your trust or charity
  • Succession planning to safeguard the future of your trust or charity and guarantee a smooth transition of assets and management between different parties
  • Management of administrative tasks, such as recordkeeping, reporting and compliance issues
  • Assisting with the development of grant-making strategies (a charity specific service)
  • Carrying out regular performance reviews to evaluate your current financial circumstances and monitor the progression of your plan to make sure your trust or charity is on track to reach its objectives.

How can wealth management services benefit your trust or charity?

Wealth management services offer a variety of benefits for your trust or charity. A wealth management adviser will work with you to establish financial goals that align with your overall mission and create a tailored strategy mapping out a step-by-step journey to reach them.

With wealth management support and guidance, you can optimise your assets to potentially increase returns for beneficiaries and ensure the long-term financial stability of your trust or charity. You will also receive expert guidance on navigating the ups and downs of the economic environment and mitigating any risks that arise as a result.

Wealth managers can work collaboratively with your legal team and other third parties to ensure you remain compliant with regulatory changes. They can also provide support at trustee meetings and offer expert advice to streamline decision-making processes and safeguard the interests of your trust or charity’s beneficiaries.

Ultimately, working with the right wealth management company can minimise financial risks, protect and maximise the value of your assets and lighten the heavy load of your trustee responsibilities.

How Everlong Wealth can help

At Everlong Wealth, we have worked with a diverse range of organisations, from small community-based charities to large-scale trusts. Our chartered financial planners have extensive experience in helping trusts and charities of all sizes navigate the complexities of the economic landscape and accomplish their financial goals.

Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our expert team and find out more about how our wealth management services for trusts and charities can secure your trust or charity’s future.