Operations Director promotion highlights what is shaping up to be a record year for our company

Since joining Smith Cooper Independent Financial Solutions (SCIFS) almost four years ago, Chris Soborowski has made quite a splash, quickly becoming an indispensable cornerstone of the team – hence his promotion to SCIFS’ Operations Director.

The promotion includes responsibility as both a Statutory and Regulated Director of the firm under the Financial Services & Markets Act, and is the culmination of hard work and dedication on the part of Chris and the wider team.

Chris’s career in financial services began when he pursued a degree in actuarial science, later utilising this qualification to aid pension entitlement evaluations whilst working in the actuarial and pension admin departments of a leading life office.

In 1990, Chris embarked upon a role as an Independent Financial Advisor, choosing to make the position his life-long career. His proficiency led to Chris gaining Chartered Financial Planner Status in November 2005, whilst accumulating significant in-depth knowledge of the rules concerning SIPPs and SSASs.

Demonstrating what Managing Director, Paul Hamilton, refers to as “relentless commitment and professionalism”, Chris has made a significant and wide-ranging contribution to the firm throughout his tenure, including the provision of technical support to the company’s Regulated Financial Advisors.

Diligent, shrewd, and possessing considerable knowledge of the financial sector, Chris is also described by Paul as “a role model” to the firm’s “growing team of Analysts”, helping to shape the future of the company from within – making him perfect for the role of Operations Director at SCIFS. The future is looking bright for Smith Cooper Independent Financial Solutions.


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